Order groceries online at Aldi?

As you might know, there are quite a few Aldi supermarkets in the UK. Aldi still needs the stores. As a customer, you cannot yet do online shopping at this supermarket company. Although you will find the offers and a selection from the Aldi range on the website, unfortunately you cannot order online here yet. This means that home delivery of the Aldi Groceries is not yet possible. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the many offers from Aldi will really visit an Aldi Supermarket nearby. Fortunately, the choice is quite wide. No supermarket nearby? Then try looking for a Lidl. The range is minimal and the service is just as good!

Groceries delivery by Aldi?

Many people wonder: Can Aldi also deliver my groceries at home? Unfortunately, these people have yet to be disappointed. Aldi does not yet have its own internet supermarket where you can do your shopping. You really have to buy groceries from Aldi in a local branch. You could of course use a grocery delivery service where someone goes through Aldi for you and takes your shopping list. But there are often quite high costs involved. The supermarket Lidl also does not provide a grocery service yet.

Can i use click & collect at Aldi?

Yes, it is possible to order the groceries online at and choose a click and collect timeslot. You can order a lot of different products for a low price. You will need to visit the supermarket at the time you applied for. A employee of Aldi collects the groceries for you. You can pay online, and take the order with you by e.g. car. It saves a lot of time and money!